I couldn't find any examples implementing WordPress.com API endpoints in Construct3, so I did it myself. Feed it a WPCOM blog URL or numerical blog ID and hit OK.

Loads the first post (with html tags trimmed) and featured image (if any) from (for example) the wordpress.com blog or any WPCOM blog (and most WPVIPJP blogs).

This could be combined with more buttons and scope to load multiple posts, a WP instance and some strategic posting to create narrative-like projects that have much wider collaborative writing scope than c3p alone.

The line of thought was "what if a Ren'Py vibe but with a WordPress backend so it can be written collaboratively and grow"

It's totally possible to adapt this to use with (and/or in) a self-hosted WordPress instance, but that opens a can of worms with CORS trying to host a working example, whereas the WordPress.com API is public and way open by design so it's an easier example to rig. Also I work there so I kinda know my way around the endpoints :)

Ideal project endpoint: redistributable c3p file and WP post format that takes WP posts with specific markup and transforms them into proper VN sequences with spritesheets supplied and BG and avatar changes & combinations amongst lines of script.

Avatar by lisadikaprio.itch.io

(as always with my itch prototypes it was done in not much time so be nice)

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WP-JSON-VN-pub.c3p 638 kB

Install instructions

Construct3 required to use the src. It's only 17 events, so the trial version might work too :)