It was January 2020, and I was starting my new job and taking the first step into a new life the next day.

Filled with excitement and trepidation, I cast my mind back to somebody I only got to know a little bit, yet somebody whose energy, glow and smile forever changed my life and began my redemption arc.

Within a few hours, I had learned my way around GBStudio enough to make this tiny playable narrative ROM.
No branching paths, no multiple choices. Just do what comes naturally, and earn your bad ending (?)

There might be a colour or sound update as I learn those. Don't go hoping for a sequel quite yet though; it's a true story and I don't yet know how it unfolds.

This one's for you, lil qt.


Download 1 MB

Install instructions

It's a Game Boy ROM. Play it in the browser with arrow keys or download it and put it in a real Game Boy (to touch my heart for ever)